August 31,2023

Towing Solutions: Heavy-Duty Lifting Slings in Marine Towing Operations

In marine operations, heavy-duty lifting slings play a crucial role, especially in towing solutions. These slings provide essential support for marine towing operations, expanding possibilities in deepwater operations and enhancing the efficiency of lifting equipment.

Traditional steel wire ropes have limitations in marine operations, particularly in deepwater scenarios. Their weight can lead to a reduction of lifting capacity by half at depths reaching 3000 meters. However, the ropes and lifting slings from ROPERS offer distinct advantages. Unlike conventional steel wire ropes, our ropes are both sturdy and lightweight, even capable of floating on the water's surface. This lightweight design allows for an increased lifting capacity of the equipment, a benefit that becomes particularly evident in extreme deepwater operations.

We have subjected our ropes to millions of tests, considering factors such as bending cycles and wear, and have developed an engineering approach to predict and track the ropes' lifespan. This method takes into account parameters such as temperature, time, and tension, comprehensively considering various system factors to ensure the reliability of the ropes in extreme environments.

In the global heavy-duty lifting industry, transporting large components for offshore energy projects is a constant challenge. The use of heavy-duty lifting slings and ropes not only ensures the safety and efficiency of marine towing operations, but also opens up new possibilities for deepwater projects that were previously limited by the weight of traditional steel ropes. With their lightweight and robust design, these slings are transforming the way marine towing is conducted, making it more versatile, efficient, and successful.

For more information about our heavy-duty lifting slings and their applications in marine towing operations, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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