GTR 11

Green Line Low Elongation Static Rope

Product: GTR 11

Diameter: 11mm

(Core/Cover): Recycled Polyester / Recycled Polyester

Standard: NFPA1983

We are passionate about the continuous rope development. Environmental protection ropes are not only mean the concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction, but also our ultimate sustainable development goal.

GTR 11 green line, it is the best low elongation rope, adopts a unique weaving process which is ideal for high-altitude operations, rescue and crossing missions. It can be installed precisely and efficiently as a position rope for ascending and lifting with no punching.

It is an eco-friendly rope made by ROPERS using recycled PET material. It is promoting the recycling of synthetic material products and reducing reliance on chemical petroleum resources.


  • Recycled PET production, saving resources
  • Green environmental protection, reduce pollution 
  • Good performance, close to popular polyester


  • Safety Rescue
  • Utility 



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