Nylon Mooring Line

Product: N08/N12

Diameter: 36mm-104mm

Structure: 8-Strand/12-Strand

(Core/Cover): Nylon

Standard: ISO 2307

A rope made of 100% high strength nylon fiber, which is widely used in ships. Due to the construction of the rope and the characteristics of the fiber itself, it has superior elongation, high strength and better impact resistance. The special 8-strand and 12-strand bonding method makes the rope have improved abrasion resistance. Its construction is round, soft and smooth, which is more convenient for manipulation and splicing.


  • 100% Nylon, high strength
  • Good elongation and impact resistance
  • Firm, but also flexible
  • Easy to splice and make loop

  • Exposed terminal moorings
  • General working line
  • Mooring tails  
  • Secondary mooring lines


Specifications are for unspliced strengths, strength will decreases by about 10% after splicing.
Custom size and length available by request.

Mooring lines
Mooring lines include primary mooring lines and mooring tails. The primary mooring line which requires high strength and light weight is used to fix the vessel on the shore; The mooring tails that connect the primary line and the mooring bollard should have good elasticity and wear resistance, provide the extension performance for the mooring system, and minimize the impact load caused by wind or waves.

The primary mooring lines and mooring tail can be connected with each other through shackles, splicing or cow hitch, which is convenient for releasing, mooring and replacing mooring tails, and prolongs the service life of the whole mooring system. The best way to improve the stability and efficiency of the mooring system is to select the most suitable mooring line according to the needs.

Rope construction comparison
8-Strand: A braided construction with good strength and elongation. This construction can disperse wear without excessive damage to fibers, so it has good wear resistance.

12 Strand: The hollow single braided construction is very easy to splice, with higher strength and lower elongation. This construction can withstand more internal fiber damage and strength loss caused by cyclic load.

Absorption of impact force
Nylon is a common material used in mooring lines because of its ability to absorb impact forces. When a vessel is subjected to strong winds or waves, it can cause significant tension in the mooring lines, resulting in sudden and strong impacts on the vessel and the mooring system.  Nylon mooring line designed to absorb these impact forces by stretching, which helps to reduce the load on the vessel and the mooring system.

The main advantages of nylon mooring lines in absorbing impact forces include their high strength, excellent elasticity, and ability to distribute loads evenly across the line. This helps to reduce the risk of damage to the vessel and the mooring system, and also helps to extend the lifespan of the mooring lines.


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