Off-road Winch Line / UHMWPE/HMPE

Product: OPTIMA 4S

Diameter: 10mm-18mm

Structure: Double Braid

(Core/Cover): UHMWPE / UHMWPE

Standard: CI1500-02

Optima 4S  UHMWPE/HMPE Winch Line sets the benchmark for synthetic winch lines with its exceptional strength and performance. Constructed with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, this rope stands as the pinnacle of synthetic alternatives, proudly manufactured by ROPERS. It is widely embraced in the Oil & Gas, Offshore, Mining, and Energy sectors for its outstanding capabilities.
Designed to be a remarkable wire rope substitute,  UHMWPE/HMPE Optima 4S offers several advantages. Its high-strength UHMWPE core, combined with a wear-resistant UHMWPE over braided cover, ensures optimal performance in the most demanding conditions. Additionally, the cover is specially coated to enhance wear resistance and shield the bearing core from the detrimental effects of dirt and sand.

Unmatched Bending Fatigue and Tensile Strength: Optima 4S delivers extraordinary bending fatigue and tensile strength, ensuring reliable and robust performance even in rigorous applications.
Double Braided Construction for Enhanced Stability: With its innovative double braided design, Optima 4S minimizes sliding between the core and cover, guaranteeing maximum stability and operational efficiency.
Smooth and Tight Surface for Longevity: The surface of Optima 4S is meticulously engineered to be smooth and tight, effectively preventing the accumulation of dirt and sand. This feature significantly enhances the rope's longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring consistent performance.
Polyurethane Coating for Superior Protection: To withstand harsh environments, Optima 4S is coated with polyurethane, providing exceptional UV and chemical resistance for added durability.

Optima 4S finds its applications in various industries, including:

Mining: Optima 4S is the go-to choice for heavy-duty mining operations, offering reliability and strength in challenging environments.
Lifting Control: Whether it's for cranes or lifting equipment, Optima 4S ensures secure and efficient lifting control, providing peace of mind in critical operations.
Off-road: When it comes to off-road applications, Optima 4S excels in providing reliable winching performance in rugged terrains.
Oil & Gas: Optima 4S is highly suitable for the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry, where strength, durability, and resistance to harsh elements are paramount.
Mooring: Optima 4S serves as an excellent mooring solution, offering superior strength and reliability for safe and secure docking.
Choose Optima 4S as your ultimate synthetic winch line, and experience the pinnacle of strength and performance across diverse industries. Custom sizes and lengths are available upon request. Contact us to explore tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


Specifications are for spliced strengths.

Custom size and length available by request.


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