Optima 4S

Double Braided Winch Line

Product: Optima 4S

Diameter: 10mm-48mm

Structure: Double Braid

(Core/Cover): UHMWPE / UHMWPE

Standard: CI1500-02

Optima is made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber and is the highest strength synthetic fiber rope available made by ROPERS. Comprised of high strength UHMWPE as its core and a UHMWPE overbraided cover for wear resistance, the Optima 4S is the ultimate synthetic winch line.

Optima4S is a great wire rope alternative, it can be neatly arranged on the winch. The cover with a special coating can further increase wear resistance, and effectively protect the bearing core from wear cause by dirt and sand getting lodged in between the fibers.


Extremely high bending fatigue strength and tensile strength

Double braided constructure, minimize sliding between core and cover in design

The surface is smooth and tight to prevent winch line from dirt and sand, greatly increases the longevity

Coated with polyurethane for added UV and chemical resistance


Larger Available by Request

Specifications are for spliced strengths


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