Reflective Tape Kinetic Recovery Rope

Product: Cobra

Diameter: 14mm-50mm

Structure: Double Braid

(Core/Cover): Nylon / Polyester

Standard: CI1500-02

Thanks to the excellent extensibility of the Cobra, the huge energy generated by the towing vehicle. This energy is transferred to the trapped vehicle, so that can effectively rescue the vehicle in danger.

Cobra provides an excellent extension performance which also helps to reduce the shock during the towing. The rope can operate more stable and without damaging the vehicle accessories.3M reflective tape design, for easier use in low light condition.


Specifications are for spliced strengths.

Custom size and length available by request.

Benefit of kinetic recovery 

The kinetic recovery rope is one of the most effective recovery tools you can carry in your vehicle. 

The key characteristic that makes a kinetic recovery rope so effective is its ability to stretch. When under load, it can stretch up to 30%, greatly alleviating the sudden jolts and bumps typically felt during vehicle recovery processes and effectively reducing the stress that the vehicle and its occupants have to endure.

By using a kinetic recovery rope, a slack portion can be left in the rope before the towing vehicle begins recovery, allowing it to gain greater momentum and thus achieve higher pulling force.

When the towing vehicle is in extremely loose terrain such as deep sand, snow, or mud, the ability of the kinetic rope to remain slack is highly advantageous, as it allows the vehicle to begin moving before it actually begins to feel the weight of the stuck vehicle.

On the other hand, if a static chain or rope is used, the towing vehicle will feel the resistance of the stuck vehicle as soon as it begins to accelerate. This places a tremendous burden on the towing vehicle and can result in both vehicles being buried.


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