Semi-Static Rope With Excellent Grip In Sheaves

Product: FALCON

Diameter: 10.5mm

Structure: 32-Strands

(Core/Cover): Nylon / Nylon

Standard: EN1891A


A professional sandwich-type construction of braided layers. No sheath slippage. Our static rope provides a good quality in use and experience while descending. Furthermore, the permanent mechanical connection between the cores and the cover prevents bunching of the cover as the rope runs into the device.

  • Material: Core/Nylon, Cover/Nylon
  • The core and cover are interconnected at regular intervals.
  • Soft and flexible, good wear resistance, better operation experience.
  • The benefit of greater safety, longer lifetime, and good handling.
  • Standard: EN1891A

  • The cover and the core are interconnected to each other.
  • Excellent grip in sheaves
  • The latest high-performance of semi-static ropes.
  • The perfect art of weaving, leading to a rope with much less elongation. 
  • Even with highly frequent use, the slip rate can be still maintained at 0.
  • It can withstand high frequency of bending and water immersion.
  • The best match of 10.5mm diameter is compact and flexible.
  • Low elongation Work positioning or rescue environment.
  • its innovative color combination ensures excellent visibility.

  • Rescue environment
  • Industry rope access 
  • Offshore rigging 
  • Electricity rigging 
  • Wind power 
  • Technical rope rescue 
  • Outdoor




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