Permanent Twist Identification Mooring Line

Product: OPTIMA 5

Diameter: 24mm-124mm

Structure: 12-Strand

(Core/Cover): UHMWPE

Standard: ISO 2307

Introducing Optima5, the ultimate winch rope designed to deliver exceptional strength, lightness, and efficiency in demanding industries such as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Mining, and Energy sectors. Crafted with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, Optima5 is the epitome of strength and reliability.


Multi-color and Permanent Twist Identification: Optima5 features a unique multi-color scheme and permanent twist identification design. This not only aids in quick and easy identification but also helps prevent twists during use, ensuring optimal performance and avoiding any loss of strength.

Extremely Low Elongation: With its extremely low elongation property, Optima5 offers improved use efficiency. This means less stretch during operation, resulting in enhanced control and precise handling, even in challenging conditions.

Perfect Bending Fatigue and Relaxation Fatigue: Optima5 is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications. Its design allows for perfect bending fatigue and relaxation fatigue resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Extremely High Strength: Optima5 is known for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. Despite being lightweight, it boasts exceptional strength, making it capable of handling heavy loads and withstanding extreme forces.

Superior Wear Resistance: Designed to endure harsh operating environments, Optima5 exhibits superior wear resistance. This enables the rope to maintain its performance and integrity over extended periods, even in abrasive conditions.


Optima5 winch rope finds its application in various industries, including:
Mining: Optima5 excels in mining operations, providing reliable performance and robust strength for demanding lifting and hauling tasks.
Lifting Control: With its exceptional strength and low elongation, Optima5 is ideal for precise lifting control, ensuring safe and efficient handling of heavy loads.
Off-Road: Optima5 is a trusted companion in off-road applications, offering reliable winching power and durability for off-road vehicles and equipment.
Oil & Gas: In the oil and gas industry, Optima5 shines as a reliable winch rope, delivering high performance and resilience even in challenging offshore and onshore environments.
Mooring: Optima5 is a preferred choice for mooring applications due to its strength, low elongation, and excellent wear resistance, providing secure and dependable mooring solutions.


Specifications are for unspliced strengths, strength will decreases by about 10% after splicing.

Custom size and length available by request.

Why is it necessary to have twist identification

Twist identification of mooring lines is very important. Twist will be greatly reduced the strength of the rope, and makes the use of the rope have potential safety hazards. When the rope is twisted, the construction of the rope becomes uneven; According to the twist direction, half of the strands will bear more load while the other half will become loose, which will reduce the efficiency and strength of the rope.

Heat stretching process

In the normal manufacturing process of ropes, the fibers are not all of equal length, and some fibers only start to bear load when the shorter strands break. Due to the low elongation properties of UHMWPE fibers, this issue becomes particularly serious.

Heat stretching can fully extend the strand yarns and single fibers in the rope, increasing their orientation degree and maximum breaking strength. Multiple stretching can also eliminate uneven tension generated during manufacturing, allowing the irregularly arranged fibers in the rope to straighten out. As a result, the fiber structure gradually shrinks toward the axis center, reducing the rope's diameter.

Optima 5 that have undergone heat stretching are also flexible and tough, which means that higher strength can be obtained at the same diameter or smaller diameter can be selected.

Coating finishing

The coating conditioner developed by ROPERS covers each fiber through a special process, providing external protection to the rope surface against wear, UV degradation, chemical exposure, and other environmental factors. Internally, it provides lubrication to reduce friction between fibers and strands. Ropes protected by this coating not only have extended lifetimes but also exhibit superior performance.


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