Mooring Pendant

Product: X21T

Diameter: 12mm-24mm

Structure: Double Braid

(Core/Cover): Nylon / Polyester

Standard: ISO 2307

X21T is composed of wear-resistant polyester rope cover and super strong nylon rope core.X21T has extremely high extensibility and impact resistance, can withstand the extra loads put by wind and waves linked to unwelcome weather.

Provide bright and high visible styles; Matched with the movable prime wear-resistant sleeve to effectively reduce the contact friction with vessel, buoys and docks. Special abrasion resistant coating on the rope to prevent sand from being embedded. One end is 304 stainless steel metal eyelet, and the other end is professional eye spliced.

  • High elongation and good impact resistance
  • Priming removable abrasion resistant sleeve
  • Corrosion-resistant metal 304 stainless steel eyelet
  • Cinch line on the eye helps connecting to cleat
  • Recognizable label


Minimum breaking strength are for iso unspliced rope.

Larger available by request.


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